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John Deere 5080R
3550 Hours
80 CH
33 900,00 €
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Tracteurs John Deere 5080R

Transmission Power Quad + 32/32 40 km/heure Pompe 65 l, siège passager, siège pneumatique, climatisation, attelage complet. 2 distributeurs Double Effets, Pdf 540/540E + 1000 Possibilité de changer les roues sur demande. (tracteur actuellement en monte spécifique pour montagne)
  • 5000R Series Tractor Code
  • Standard Cab
  • MFWD Front Axle with Limited Slip Differential
  • Adjustable Rear Flanged Axle for Wheel Size 16.9-34 and 420/85R34
  • Adjustable Front Wheels for Tyre Size 13.6-24 and 340/85R24
  • PowrQuad Plus 16F/16R 40km/h (25 mph) Transmission with Under Drive, Electrical LH Power Reverser and Park Lock
  • 3 Speed (540/540E/1000) Shiftable PTO 6/21 Spline Shaft
  • 1 SCV (105 series) + 1 SCV (205 series)
  • 3 Point Hitch with Draft Links with Hooks (Cat. II)
  • Centre Link with Ball End (Cat. II)
  • Stabiliser Bar, LH and RH
  • Heater and Air Conditioner
  • Fixed Front Windshield W./ RH Door
  • Super Comfort Air Suspension Seat (E12C)
  • RH and LH Telescopic Mirror
  • Hydraulic Pump (65L / min)
  • LH and RH Lift Link Adjustment
  • Two Draft Link Sensors
  • Base Weights 70kg
  • Tool Box
  • Rear Fender Extensions
  • Battery 12V 154AH 700A
  • Battery Circuit Breaker 110-174AH
  • Fuel Heating System
  • 4 Additional Working Lights (2 Front + 2 Rear) H3
  • Beacon Lighting
  • Licence Plate Bracket with Lighting
  • Two Additional Rear Reflectors
  • Remote Control Rear Hitch LH and RH
  • Remote Control for PTO LH and RH
  • Power Outlet Socket 3 Pole
  • Inner Mirror
  • Instructor Seat
  • Roof Hatch with Clear Glass, with Dual Sun Shade
  • SCV Oil Spillage Collector
  • Hydraulic Trailer Brake
  • Standard Swinging Drawbar with Hammerstrap
  • Guide Ball (Cat. II)
Modèle John Deere 5080R
Puissance 80
Heures de moteur 3550
Année 2009
Catégorie Tracteurs
Numéro d'occasion 2701
Configuration Standard
Cabine Avec
Cabine (options) Air conditionné
Transmission Semi-powershift
Inverseur gauche Yes
Essieu AV 4RM
Relevage AR 3 pts Yes
Prise de force 540
Prise de force 540E
Prise de force 1000
Roues AR Simples
Roues AV Simples
Freins de remorque Hydraulique
Attelage de remorque Barre oscillante
Attelage de remorque Cuna
Attelage de remorque Piton fixe
Chargeur Aucun
Relevage AV 3 pts No

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